Aizu-hongo Ware Straw Ash Glazed Large Dish


An Aizu-hongo ware large dish fired around the Meiji era. The front face is covered with an opaque glaze that seems to be straw ash, and the back is widely exposed. In 1645, Aizu-hongo ware began by inviting a potter Genzaemon Mizuno from Seto, and in 1800, the kilns were the first to succeed in porcelain firing in the Tohoku region. This piece has a similar style to the Seto ware Ishizara dish, such as base treatment and spur marks, but it is lighter weight than the Ishizara and is ideal for everyday use. The skin of indigo white with glaze crackings and glaze crawlings is quaint.

There are minor chips and hairline, but the condition is generally good.

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