Satsuma Ware Bicolour Glazed Teabowl


A Satsuma ware half-cylindrical bowl fired in a Uto or Osato kiln, the earliest Satsuma Tateno-type kilns as known as Kochosa ware, at the beginning of the Edo period. The glaze is layered on the sticky clay mixed with gravel and divided into bicolours of yellow-brown and bluish-brown.

Satsuma’s feudal lord Yoshihiro Shimazu was studied under tea master Rikyu; the shape and style of this piece that seems to be inspired by Chojiro’s Raku teabowl indicates the influence of his master. The potter’s finger marks on the hip convey authentically old, and the bicolour glaze is rich in landscape and elegant texture.

There are no noticeable defects other than minor kiln alterations, and the condition is excellent. It fits in an old box with the inscription “Kakewake(bicolour) Satsuma Chawan”.

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