Eastern Han, Vietnam Bắc thuộc Ash Glazed Pottery Jar with Green Glaze Splash


An ash-glazed jar fired in Northern Vietnam during the Eastern Han of China, which was the early period of Bắc thuộc (Vietnam under Chinese rule). It has an abacus-shaped body, a sharp mouth, and designed incised lines on the shoulder. A thin transparent glaze on the slip is applied to the beige clay, and a green glaze drop is decorated.

Vietnam was under Chinese rule for one thousand years until the founding of the Ngô dynasty (939), the first unified dynasty in North Vietnam. Ash-glazed pottery like this piece was produced under the influence of the Han dynasty. Whereas the shape and technique are mutual to southern China, the vitrified glaze drop decoration can only be found in northern Vietnam. While some people say that the decoration was created by accident, since it has been found in the tombs and intended for funerary use, it may indicates that they have some meaning rooted in the spirituality charactor of the Vietnamese people.

There are no noticeable defects other than minor chips of the rim and flakings of the glaze.

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