Shodai Ware Ki-Shodai Style Sea Cucumber Glazed Jar


A Ko-Shodai jar fired in Higo in the mid-Edo period. This is an example of a Kishodai (yellow Shodai ware) work in which iron glaze is applied to high iron-contained dark brown clay, and straw ash glaze is streaked over it.

Shodai ware is said to have started in 1632, when Tadatoshi Hosokawa (son of Sansai), head of the Hosokawa clan, took up a new post in Higo alongside potters Genshichi and Hachizaemon. They produced tea utensils for the officials and miscellaneous utensils for the commoners. In the 19th century, the colour of the clay became brighter, and some pieces with inscriptions appeared, but this piece is an older example consisting of dark brown clay. This piece was handed down to a liquor store in Aizu, which connected with Satsuma, and was said to be used as a sake jar after being carried as a tea leaf storage jar.

There is a chip on the mouth, and glaze flakings can be seen on the shoulder. The paper that was sealed is left to the side of the mouth. It comes with a custom-made wooden lid.

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