Karatsu Ware Muji-Karatsu Style Lipped Teabowl


A Kogaratsu Katakuchi lipped teabowl fired in the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Feldspar glaze is applied to the tea fitted-size body, and small round-shape spurmarks are left on the well. The lower body and base are widely exposed and show iron-rich brown clay. Considering the characteristics of the spurmarks, clay and glaze, this dignified bowl should be produced at the regarded Ichinose-Koraijin kiln.

It is said that the red lacquer applied to the kiln alteration scar was for a mark to leave the fact that there was an initial hole, but the leak had stopped after long-term use. Because it has been used for a sake bowl, the skin has a rich lustre, and the colour has turned into a very tasteful warm colour. This teabowl is powerful but tranquil that evokes a senior samurai’s Mujo-kan.

There are no noticeable flaws other than aged marks. It fits in an old box inscribed”Karatsu Chawan”.

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