Joseon Dynasty Kuro-Korai Type Black Glazed Bottle


A bottle fired in the early Joseon dynasty. It has a bulgy hip shape with a potter’s wheel mark, and black glaze is applied entire body except for the bottom of the foot.

The black glaze has been continuously used in the Korean Peninsula since the Goryeo dynasty. And the group of black wares made in the early Joseon dynasty that was co-fired with Buncheong ware is praised in Japan as “Kuro-Korai (Black Korean ware)”. Some applied a white base glaze and black glaze over it, while others, like this one, used only a thick black glaze. In addition to being the perfect size for a sake bottle, this exquisite Kuro-Korai Tokkuri wears a profound jet-black skin.

An excellent Kintsugi finish is applied on a chip on the lip. Other than that, there are no noticeable defects and no odour. The capacity is about 350ml. It fits in a box labeled “Kuro-Korai Tokkuri”.

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