Karatsu Ware Fujino-Kawachi Kiln Black Glazed Bottle


A Kuro-Karatsu bottle made in the Azuchi-Momoyama to the early Edo period. This piece is a typical example of a Fujino-Kawachi kiln using the Korean technique of tap moulding, and the marks are slightly left inside the vessel. In addition, another characteristic of the kiln is the rice husk marks left on the bottom, but this is not seen in the Korean technique, and it is inferred to be transmitted from South China.
The neat and long shape and the glaze, which shows natural kiln effects are impeccable as a flower vase, and the capacity is moderate by the length, so it can also be used for a sake bottle.

The excavated inherited piece. And the flawless bottle is extremely rare. The matte texture of the glaze may have occurred during the cooling process. This piece was exhibited, “The Wonder of Clay−An Overview of the History of the Hizen Ceramic” (The Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 2008) and the catalogue is included. It fits in an old box labeled “Kogaratsu Tokkuri Fujino-kawauchi Kiln”.

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