Joseon Dynasty Katade Type Cup


A cup made in the early Joseon dynasty. A bluish transparent glaze is applied to the opened lip thick body, which is made of white clay. The area around the base is exposed, leaving four marks on the side of the base.

This coarse white porcelain, which is particularly soft among Katade-type and also called Yawarakade-type, has been excavated in various parts of Gyeongsangnam-do, such as Hapcheon, Hadong, and Jinju. The size of this piece is suitable for a sake cup with the capacity, and the glaze pool shows a beautiful emerald green. The blisters on the sides also add to the scenery.

Although this is an excavated piece, there are almost no glaze flakings, and it maintains a lustrous surface. There are no noticeable defects other than kiln scratches, and the condition is excellent. It comes with a box.

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