Shodai Ware Ki-Shodai Style Sea Cucumber Glazed Bottle


A Ko-Shodai tokkuri bottle fired in Higo in the middle of the Edo period. This is an example of a Kishodai (yellow Shodai ware) work in which iron glaze is applied to high iron-contained dark brown clay, and straw ash glaze is streaked over it. The body is constricted, designed with bamboo-joint lines and placed in two drop-shaped appliques.

Potters from Agano who followed Tadatoshi Hosokawa in the 1630s started the Shodai ware and produced tea pottery for officials and miscellaneous goods for the commoners. This type of bottle, called Takebushi (bamboo-joint) tokkuri, is considered made for feudal samurais. The robust form and beauty of elaborate design embody the attraction of Shodai ware. Also, this piece has an outstanding glaze finish, and the halation on the skin due to ageing is also a highlight.

There is a minor chip on the applique. There are no noticeable defects other than that, and only kiln scratches such as sticking marks, and the condition is excellent. A custom-made wooden lid comes together.

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