Lan Na Kingdom San Kamphaeng Ware Dish with Wavy Line Pattern in Underglaze Iron


A stunning dish fired in the Sankampaeng kiln (east of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand) during the Lan Na Kingdom period. The base is shallowly scraped, and the angled wall is covered with an iron-brown glaze on the exterior. Ring lines and a wavy ring pattern are drawn with underglaze iron on the front face and covered with olive-green ash glaze. The rim is unglazed due to the face-firing characteristic of this kiln.

Although the genealogy of Sankampaeng ware has yet to be revealed, some deductions say it has related to the Lao pottery technique and the feature’s similarities to the Mon-type pottery found in the oldest layer of the Sawankhlok kiln sites.

The design of this piece evokes the cosmology derived from their beliefs, and it has an ageless beauty. This piece’s finish is extraordinary among the same types of dishes. The glaze colour, clear lines of the painting, and the boldness of the skins are also points worthy.

A grits mark can be seen on the exterior. It is in excellent condition as an excavated piece with no noticeable flaws other than a minor chip on the foot ring and a slight flaking on the front face.

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