Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Hakeme Type Teabowl


A Hakeme type brush mark-slip design jar fired in the early Joseon dynasty. This type of small jar used as miscellaneous goods on the Korean Peninsula was called “Shioge Chawan” in Japan and praised as the winter teabowl. Most of them are abacus-shaped and have a narrow mouth, but this piece has a plump shape and wide mouth that makes it easy to serve tea. The skin is full of heirloom taste, and it conveys that this piece has been warmed up people’s hands many times as a teabowl in the midst of winter. The thickly applied brush mark slip is a powerful impression, and a lightning-like kiln crack extending from the lip is accentuated.

Tea stains can be seen on the lip and interior. A chip on the lip and a crack occured during the kiln process are repaired with Kintsugi, but the gold has peeled off. It fits in a lacquer box.

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