Joseon Dynasty Brushed Design Tea Bowl | Korea, 15-16C


A brush mark slip tea bowl from the early Joseon dynasty. The shape of the bowl is just like a tea bowl, which is unusual for Buncheong ware, and the brush marks are designed both inside and outside. The entire surface, including the foot, is covered with a transparent glaze, and inside the base shows a swirl mark.

In the latter half of the 15th century, with the establishment of the official kiln, Bunwon in Gwangju, the local kilns that had previously donated Buncheong ware vessels to the royal court changed their supply destinations to local middle-class people. Gradually, the design had been transformed to only the brush marks except inlays like this bowl.

Although there are some small scratches and flakes and minor unglazed spots occurred during the kiln process, the surface still has a glossy finish glaze. There is a flaw on the mouth, and a 4cm long hairline on the side of the inside, but there is no leakage and the condition is generally good. It is ideal for having tea as it has a deep shape. Comes with a storage box.

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