Oribe Ware Narumi-Oribe Style Mukozuke Dish


An Oribe ware Mukozuke dish fired in the Azuchi-Momoyama to early Edo period. An example of “Narumi Oribe” combining red and white clays. It has a particular shape called Tagasode-gata (scented bag shape) and has three semi-circular legs on the bottom. On one side, there are lines pattern, and plum blossoms and Umebachi patterns (stylized plum blossom) are arranged on the front, and copper green glaze is applied on the other.

Narumi Oribe is the most colourful and complex design among various Oribe ware known for its eccentric designs. The different shrinkage rates of red and white clays are skillfully intermingled into one piece. This marvellous piece consists of advanced technique, excellent pattern composition, and beautiful kiln alteration.

There is a natural crack that occurred during firing at the joint part. It is in excellent condition with no noticeable defects other than a minor chip on the edge of the bottom. It comes with a box.

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