Oribe Ware Shino Oribe Style Three Footed Plate with Wave and Circle Design


A Shino Oribe plate baked in the early Edo period. The gently raised lip with four swells, and the bottom has three semi-circular legs. A wavy circular line is drawn on the interior, and semicircular curtains are on the exterior.

The type of Oribe ware fired in a Noborigama (climbing kiln) with Shino tradition is called Shino Oribe, distinct from older Shino ware Ko-shino, fired in Ogama (large kiln). Although this piece was made as a Kashi(confections) plate for the tea ceremony, it has a modern design that blends seamlessly into today’s interior. The white space is designed well, enhancing the feldspar glaze’s soft texture.

There are three repairs with Kintsugi on the rim and a long hairline on the front face. It fits in a box labelled “Ko-seto Kashizara”.

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