Mino Ware “Kan’ei-Sometsuke” Blue and White Teabowl with Leave Design


A teabowl with underglaze blue (sometsuke) decoration fired in the Mino region in the early Edo period. It is commonly known as “Kan’ei sometsuke”, which comes from the Kan’ei era (1624-1644), started making after the decline of Oribe ware. It was eliminated by the widespread of Imari ware after producing for only about 20 years.

This piece is probably fired in the Ohira old kiln that is inferred from the colour of cobalt and the glazing tone, and the modest leaves design conveys the rarity of cobalt at that time. It has a wabi-sabi atmosphere heavily, and the tea reflection is outstanding. Since the rim is distorted, it can also be used as a lipped bowl.

Although it is an excavated piece, it has already been used and is lustrous on the surface. Two restore by Kintsugi, minor hairlines and partial defects, but there are no noticeable defects. It may have been confused with Karatsu ware, and it was stored in an old box with the words “Karatsu Kofuku”.

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