Northern Song Dynasty Cizhou Ware White Slip Small Ewer

¥80,000 JPY

A Cizhou ware small ewer fired in the Northern Song dynasty. It has a slender neck and a short spout and is coated with a transparent glaze over a white slip. Since a large amount of Cizhou ceramics were unearthed from the ruins of the town of Julu, which was buried by the flooding of the Yellow River, this type of plain-white piece was called “Kyoroku-de” in Japan. This piece is presumed to be used as a water dropper or a miniature ritual vessel in the shape of an ewer. Delicate crazing occurs in the moist transparent glaze, making the pure white surface even brighter.

Although some dirt adheres to the surface, there is almost no rough surface, and the lustrous glaze is maintained. No noticeable flaws other than the minor chips on the neck and handle, and the condition is generally good.

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