Northern Song Cizhou Ware White Glazed Melon-shaped Jar


An orthodox Cizhou ware white glazed jar baked in Guantaizhen, Cizhou County, Hebei Province. It was manufactured in the Northern Song when high-quality clay was used, and the moulding was exquisite. The graceful melon shape had been popular since the Tang dynasty. Vases and water-droppers with similar models can be seen in the same Hebei province’s Ding ware and Jingdezhen under its influence. Although this piece seems to have a lid initially, it is the best size for flower arrangement. The wide-open mouth and soft white call for flowers.

The glaze is lustrous without much ageing, even as an excavated piece. The condition is excellent except for the kiln damage on the exposed part and the slight abrasion on the mouth. There is no water leakage.

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