Northern Song Cizhou Ware White Slip Double Handled Jarlet


A jarlet fired in a Cizhou kiln during the Northern Song dynasty. It has a rustic shape with uneven handles and is covered with a white slip over the upper body.

Plenty of pottery was unearthed from the ruins of Julu county, which was buried by the flood of the Yellow River. Therefore, this type of plain design vessel from the Cizhou kiln was once called “Kyoroku-de” in Japan, which derives from the Japanese pronunciation of Julu. This piece is small enough to fit in the palm, and its quaint elegance, reminiscent of the early white porcelain, is appealing. The interior is also covered with transparent glaze, which makes it suitable for a sake cup.

It has relatively less ageing, and good lustre is maintained. There is no apparent defect other than a single hairline on the lip. It comes with a box.

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