Oribe Ware Yashichida Oribe Style Bottle with Vine Pattern in Underglaze Iron


An Oribe ware bottle fired in the Yashichida kiln in the early Edo period. The late works of original Oribe ware produced in the Yshichida kiln are called ‘Yashichida Oribe’ and are known for their different style from Oribe ware before that. This piece is characterized by its gentle form with rounded corners, a popular item produced relatively many in the kiln. The freely applied copper-green glaze is like flutters in the wind creating a witty taste.

There are two hairlines around the mouth. And spur mark on the bottom, but no rattling. The detachment of the glaze on the bottom is thought to be kiln damage, and the Kintsugi repair’s gold has peeled off. There is no conspicuous dirt inside, and there is no odour. It comes with a box.

  • Hakogaki

    Serpent Rhythm Continuum

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