Ming Dynasty Yunnan Ware Vase with Abstract Pattern in Underglaze Iron


A Yunnan ware vase fired during the Ming Dynasty. It has a trumpet-shaped neck, a firm base, and an abstract design in underglaze iron reminiscent of a snake or bat on the shoulder. The intriguing patterns bear a resemblance to both a snake and a bat, gracefully adorning the shoulder of the vase. The style distinguishes it from the typical kilns of Yunnan, such as the renowned Dali Kilns and Yuxi Kilns, suggesting that it may have originated from local kilns in the region. The underglaze iron decoration and the inherent beauty of use evoke a connection with Cizhou ware and the Japanese Mingei pieces produced in Mino in the 17th century.

A grits on the rim and repair can be seen on the foot. The vase’s interior appears clean, devoid of any conspicuous dirt or odour.

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