Later Lê Dynasty Blue and White Teabowl with Floral Arabesque Design


A blue and white teabowl, originating from the Later Lê to Mạc Dynasty in Đại Việt (present-day northern Vietnam). Featuring a distinctive high foot and an everted rim in shape, and an iron brown wash on the inside of the foot. The bowl is adorned with underglaze cobalt blue designs with floral arabesque patterns and stylised lotus petals design on the exterior.

Some argued these high-foot tea bowls were intended for domestic use amidst the abundance of trade ceramics during that period. Interestingly, some heirloom pieces that are similar in shape and pattern compositions to this piece have been discovered in Japan. The painting, belonging to the lineage of Yuan blue and white ceramics, may initially appear as a mere scribbled drawing. However, the brilliant impression of the painting enhances its elegance in mesmerising shape.

While the rim of the bowl displays some glaze flaking, and there are a few stains on the interior, overall, the piece remains in good condition. Notably, the exterior retains its lustre. Most of the hairline-like marks visible on the bowl do not extend through to the other side.

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