Hirasa Ware Blue and White Porcelain Square Bottle


A square bottle, originating from Hirasa in the late Edo period, captivates with its robust and sizeable body adorned with aquatic auspicious motifs. The smooth brushstrokes beautifully depict twin fish and crabs amidst the flowing river. This square-shaped bottle holds a distinctive significance, being unique to Ryukyu and Satsuma as part of the NoBento (picnic boxes) sets. In Satsuma, such bottles were often custom-ordered by high-ranking samurai or acquired from the Ryukyu Kingdom.

This particular piece likely served as a decorative furnishing, used during celebratory occasions for toasting. The intricate craftsmanship is evident in the refined fluted mouth and delicate spout, reflecting the artisan’s exceptional skill and showcasing its status as a high-end item. Its clear beauty and refreshing painting exude an air of sophistication, leaving a lasting impression.

While this bottle exhibits minor kiln damage line each on the corner and body, it remains in good condition overall. It is stored in a box mistakenly labeled ‘Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Flask.’

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