Joseon Dynasty Irabo Type Teabowl


An Irabo Chawan known as the Irabo ware teabowl fired in the middle to late Joseon dynasty. It has a large mouth with a tight waist and a spiral carving inside the splendid base. Since some potsherds had excavated from the kiln sites near Busan and Yangsan, the Irabo Chawan was inferred to be a kind of Gohonde (Korean teabowl ordered by the Japanese tea master). Its origin of the Irabo glaze is an ash glaze used for the daily vessels produced since the Goryeo dynasty. The ash glaze dripping on the wall and the clay added marks on the rim convey the depth of the Korai Chawan (Korean teabowls consumed in Japan).

Unlike other Korean teabowls, Irabo Chawan has to be in perfect condition, so it is in excellent condition. It is stored in a black persimmon box named “Kirihyotyu (means, The Cutted Icicle)”.

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