Joseon Dynasty Gimhae Katade Type Teabowl


An exquisite teabowl fired around Gimhae during the early Joseon dynasty. Crafted from soft clay, the teabowl features a delicate light brown hue achieved through the application of a bluish transparent glaze. The interior of the bowl displays a gentle depth, while the outwarded rim adds an elegant touch, making it particularly suited for use as a summer teabowl.

The outer surface of the teabowl is adorned with captivating bluish glaze drops, creating a scenic landscape within the light brown skin. Notably, this Wari-Kodai (notched base) is praised for the tea ceremony, although it is believed that its primary purpose was to prevent kiln cracks. Indeed, a small kiln crack can be observed inside the base, indicating the conditions under which such defects were likely to occur.

Minor glaze flaking can be seen on the rim, and there is a chip on the exterior. This teabowl is accompanied by an old box labelled “Natsu Chawan (summer tea bowl).”

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