Oribe Ware Narumi-Oribe Style Mukozuke Dish


An Oribe ware Mukozuke dish fired in the Azuchi-Momoyama to the early Edo period. It is an example of “Narumi Oribe,” and red clay is used under the copper-green glaze in this piece. The dish features a cylindrical rhombus shape called Matsukawabishi-gata, derived from the traditional pattern of a pine tree bark motif, with a gokezoko base. The copper-green glaze elegantly flows along the rim, forming beautiful glaze drops that interact with the hanging persimmon patterns, resulting in a splendid scenic composition.

Noteworthy for its multi-layered texture, typical of Oribe ware, this particular piece exhibits a cold-tone finish and fine cinnabar colour sprays achieved as a result of a faintly reduced firing process. It is a rare example with flawless and captivating moisture skin, a testament to its heirloom quality and enduring beauty.

While the body displays a slight distortion and subtle wobbling, there are some minor kiln damages, but the overall condition is excellent. The piece fits in an old wooden box with the inscription ‘Oribe Hanaire’ (flower vase). This indicates why the piece is in almost mint condition, suggesting previous use as intended for a flower vase rather than its usual Mitate use as an ashtray or incense burner.

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