Ohi Ware Amber Glazed Long Plates, Set of 3


Long plates set of three, produced in Ohi Village (currently Ohi Town, Kanazawa City) during the late Edo period. It shows straight grooves adorn both the front and back surfaces, while wavy grooves filled with the glaze embellish the edges. The plate is generously coated with an amber glaze, which exhibits a remarkable sense of transparency, resulting in beautiful glaze pools throughout.

The Ohi ware stands as the sole branch kiln of the renowned Raku tradition. In 1666, Chozaemon, a potter who accompanied Senso (Sen Soshitsu, the fourth head of the Urasenke family) from Kyoto, discovered the ideal clay for Raku ware in Ohi Village and established a kiln. This piece is a plate for grilled fish which is rare for Ohi ware, as it is not intended for use in tea ceremonies, hence the absence of the customary inscription. The captivating amber glaze, with its distinctive sparkle, beautifully enhances the food presentation.

Minor imperfections include kiln scratches, slight warping of the body, and some wobbling. The acquired damages are limited to minor glaze flakings. Overall, the plate remains in good condition.

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