Joseon Dynasty Hoeryong Ware Sea Cucumber Glazed Bowl


A bowl made in Hoeryong or Myeongcheon, North Hamgyong Province, during the late Joseon Dynasty. Its unique features include an indented lip-shaped body made from coarse clay and a straw ash glaze that imparts a bluish-white hue. The formation of a glaze pool in one corner of the interior can be attributed to the kiln’s structural characteristics in the region. However, what truly sets this piece apart is the significant kiln alterations, resulting in a mottled appearance with shades of blue, white, and black. Additionally, there are blackened portions of the glaze on the exterior, adding to its visual intrigue.

In terms of condition, there is a single hairline on the lip and a small Kintsugi repair. Importantly, the hairline on the exposed area does not extend to the interior, preserving the bowl’s functionality.

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