Qing Dynasty Shiwan Ware Green Glazed Faceted Jar with Relief Design


A green glaze jar fired in the Shiwan kiln during the Qing Dynasty. The jar’s body is faceted into eight sides, featuring a striking relief carving of Ruyi heads and flower patterns. A transparent glaze graces the jar’s top and bottom, leaving distinctive stacking marks behind.

Shiwan ware originates from the private kilns of Shiwan Town in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which have continued their tradition to the present day. These ceramics are celebrated for their vibrant glazes and artistic influences from Buddhism and Taoism, a style clearly reflected in this piece. The intricacies of the relief design create beautiful shading effects within the green glaze.

Notably, the chips on the bottom of the jar were likely incurred during the removal of the stacked vessels. However, apart from these chips, there are no other significant defects, and the jar is in good condition.

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