Early Imari Blue and White Porcelain Dish with Peony and Wave Design

¥80,000 JPY

A Shoki-Imari, also known as Early Imari, dish fired in the 1630s. Measuring approximately 7 inches in length, it features a gokezoko base with grits adhered to the bottom of the foot. On the front face, wave patterns surrounding peonies are drawn, and a single-framed “福ーFuku” inscription is inside the foot. This dish is a masterpiece that beautifully showcases the charm of Early Imari, characterized by its delightful and thorough painting style and soft, gentle form.

In terms of condition, there are some scratches on the front face, which is expected given its age. Additionally, there is a short hairline with a Kintsugi repair on the rim, and some areas are uncoated with glaze. However, apart from these minor imperfections, the dish is in good condition.

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