Early Imari Ware Blue and White Porcelain Dish with Flower and Plant Design


An early Imari blue and white dish fired during 1620 to 30s. The wall rises slightly from a sand attached base and forms a rim that draws three arabesque patterns, and the flower and plant design is illustrated in the front. Since there are similar painting style examples that exist, it could be manufactured by the Sarukawa kiln. Still, it isn’t easy to indicate because there are many kilns in this age group. Among the many of the flower and plant designs in the early Imari, it has branches that extend straight to the centre and down headed flowers, a quirky style of painting is preferable.

There are minor flaws during the kiln process and a chip on the footring, but there are no noticeable defects, and the condition is excellent as early Imari. The crackle glaze runs along with the form and the bluish glaze are also highlights.

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