Satsuma Ware Genryuin Kiln Jakatsu Glazed Teabowl


A Satsuma ware teabowl fired in the Nishimochida-Genryuin kiln during the mid-Edo period. It showcases the distinctive “Shiro-Jakatsu” glazed design, a technique characterized by the application of feldspathic white glaze over an iron-black glaze, creating a mesmerizing interplay where the black glaze subtly emerges through the finely crackled white glaze.

The teabowl features a distinctive helmet-like shape with an outwardly protruding lip. And the glaze extends to the inside of the foot. The waist of the bowl bears a rhythmic pattern of pressed intervals, lending it a slightly distorted yet soft appearance reminiscent of a six-petaled flower. This teabowl exudes the allure of a heirloom taste.

In terms of condition, it is in excellent condition with no noticeable defects, and it is accompanied by a box.

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