Ming Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware E-Korai Style Bowl


A flat bowl made during the Ming dynasty. Since this type of tea bowl was brought to Japan via Korea in the early Edo period, they have been highly prized under the name of “E-Korai (painted Korea)” in Japan. However, they were produced in Cizhou-type kilns in the style of black paintings on the white ground.

This particular bowl was treasured as a confectionery bowl and bears the refined taste of tea masters. Noteworthy features include Bebera (the ridges of the lip) and Mushikui (unglazed spots). The intricate painting, resembling bamboo leaves with its subdued, iron-painted branches, evokes the essence of a late autumn landscape.

Although there are some kiln scratches, but almost no acquired damages or stains, and the condition is excellent. It fits in an old box labelled “E-Korai Bamboo and Blossom Pattern Bowl.”

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