Ming Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware E-Korai Style Teabowl


A teabowl fired in a Cizhou-type kiln during the Ming dynasty. A white slip is applied to the pottery clay, and an iron glaze is designed around the outer body. The base is exposed, leaving the circular unglazed mark in the centre.

Since of this type of teabowls were brought via Korea in the early Edo period, that have been highly prized under the name of ‘E-Korai (Painted Korea)’ in Japan. However, they were produced in the Cizhou-type kilns, in the style of black paintings on the white ground, and the same potsherds were excavated from Pengcheng kiln in Hebei Province, which was a major kiln production area in the Ming dynasty.

This piece does not have the stylized plum pattern often drawn in E-Korai and has a graceful design with only a belt-like iron black glaze design. The tasteful and lustrous glaze shows a sense of tea pottery, but the stunning ageing is also expected.

Minor hairlines and chips are scattered around the lip, but they become part of the scenery. It comes with a box.

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