Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Gyeryongsan Kiln Flat Cup with White Slip-Brushed Design


A Buncheong ware white slip-brushed design dish fired in the early Joseon dynasty. This white slip-brushed design is known as ‘Gwiyal’ in Korea or ‘Hakeme’ in Japan.

Additionally, this piece displays the characteristics of the prised Gyeryongsan ware, such as a small and firm foot, a thin and distorted body, and sand marks. The highlighted blistering and smudges of white slip create an evocative, desolate landscape, giving it an attractive appeal that sets it apart from the ordinal Hakeme-type Buncheong ware fired in other kilns. As stated on the box, it has been used as a tea bowl, but its moderate depth and easy-to-handle shape make it suitable for a flat cup.

The elaborate maki-e technique of Kintsugi restoration with patterns of Seigaiha (sea waves) is applied. A recolouring about 1 cm in diameter can be seen on the dorsal side of the blister. It is in excellent heirloom condition, with no acquired cracks or significant scratches. It is housed in a box labelled “Hakeme Chawan.”

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