Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Ware Hakeme Type Jar


A Buncheong ware jar with a white slip-brushed design, fired in the early Joseon dynasty. It boasts a captivating Shioge abacus ball shape, with certain spots of the white slip displaying a delicate scarlet hue. This piece is believed to have been crafted during the transitional period from the Mishima ‘Sanggam’ type to the Hakeme ‘Gwiyal’ type. The numerous striations and brush marks create a multi-layered scenery, while the concave section of the body, formed by chance, enhances its distinctive character, making it stand out among the many Shioge jars.

The jar features several Gintsugi restores on the lip. Its watertight integrity suggests suitability for arranging flowers directly. The piece comes with a box.

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