Yokino Ware Buddhist Vase

¥95,000 JPY

A Yokino ware Buddhist vase fired in the late Edo period. The hard-fired vessel is adorned with a generous amount of natural glaze, reminiscent of the natural glaze pattern called Goma (sesame) found in Bizen ware. It features a pair of distinctive ears that possibly suggests some sacred animal, while the shoulders are decorated with ring lines and wavy pattern. Buddhism has a long history of association with Tanegashima, and many Buddhist flower vases were crafted alongside household utensils like pots and jars. However, only a limited number of these pieces have remain. This particular vase exhibits a unique figure imbued with folk spirituality, while the vessel’s shape is influenced by the Satsuma ware Naeshirogawa type.

There is a dent in one spot on the waist, and some adhesion marks are present at the bottom, but there is no wobbling or water leakage. Overall, it is in excellent condition for Yokino ware.

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