Oribe Ware Aka-Oribe Style Mukozuke Dish


An exquisite Oribe ware mukozuke dish fired from Azuchi-Momoyama to the early Edo period. This is an example of the “Aka-Oribe” style utilizing red clay, known for applying to the Narumi Oribe, which encompasses the entire body. It features a shallow bowl-shaped body with an outward lip, adorned with exotic paintings using iron painting and white clay. Three spur marks are visible at the front and back, and the foot reveals exposed clay. While the motif of the central pattern remains enigmatic, its mysterious design encourages contemplation. A masterpiece radiating unique and compelling characteristics.

The similar painting examples found in the Inkyoyama-Higashi kiln. The entire surface boasts a profound lustre indicative of its heritage, with quaint restores on the rim displaying a well-aged patina. Other than kiln scratches, no other noticeable defects are apparent. The dish is accompanied by a box.

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