Karatsu Ware Yamase Kiln Madara-Karatsu Style Teabowl


A Madara-Karatsu style Kogaratsu teabowl crafted in a Yamase kiln during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. The thick straw ash glaze displays a faint pink hue, with some areas appearing transparent.

‘Madara Karatsu’ is a specific type of Karatsu ware distinguished by its use of straw ash glaze, originating around Kishidake in Kitahata, Karatsu, predating the Imjin War as known as the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592–1598). While the technique’s origins are speculated to stem from North Hamgyong Province on the Korean Peninsula or the South China region of China, definitive identification remains elusive. Notably, this piece features a rugged glaze with unique colouration and bold carvings around the foot, embodying a spirited artistic expression despite its modest size.

Two areas on the lip have undergone restoration with Kintsugi. Apart from these repairs, minor instances of glaze flaking and chips are observed. The teabowl is accompanied by a box.

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