Joseon Dynasty Northern Korea Flat Teabowl


A flat teabowl fired in the middle of the Joseon dynasty. It is written on the box that it was excavated from Songpyeong, North Korea. White slip is applied to coarse-grained clay and covered with opaque white glaze except to the foot.

Songpyeong in North Hamgyong Province is between Hoeryong and Myeongcheon, where Asakawa Noritaka was surveyed during the Japanese colonial period. However, it is imaginable that unknown kiln sites are still scattered in northern Korea, and the possibility that made in a kiln other than Hoeryong and Myeongcheon cannot be denied.

There are some patina Gintsugi (repaired with a silver coated lacquer) on the rim but no notable defects other than a few minor chips on the feet. It comes with a box labelled “Kohiki Hira-Chawan excavated in Songpyong, North Korea”.

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