Joseon Dynasty Brown Glazed Faceted Lidded Jar

¥24,000 JPY

A faceted jar with lid crafted during the late Joseon dynasty. Known as a 석간주단지 (Seogganju Jar) in Korea, this type of jar with a faceted body served as a common container for storing seasonings, honey, and salt among the commoners. Similar pieces have been excavated at the Yongyeon-ri kiln site in Jeollanam-do, as well as, was produced in various locations. While there are many works with eight sides based on the I Ching, this piece is composed of twelve narrower faces, imparting a more striking aesthetic, accentuated by the glaze’s halation.

The jar exhibits a small chip on the mouth and a short hairline extending from it. Additionally, several scratches are evident on the back of the lid.”

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