Trần Dynasty Blue and White Bowl with Chrysanthemum Spray and Cloud Design


A blue and white bowl crafted during the Trần dynasty in Đại Việt (current northern Vietnam). The wall is raised from a small, rounded base, and the lip is everted. Clouds pattern is painted on the exterior, a chrysanthemum spray is painted on the well with light strokes, and an iron slip on the inside of the foot. It is an example of the early Vietnamese blue and flower period, and since the same design appears on iron-painted pieces from the first half of the 14th century, it is assumed that it was produced not too far from the period. The chrysanthemum pattern originates from the legend of chrysanthemum water in ancient China, and the motif was widely used in the Vietnamese ceramics that developed around the Red River Delta. This piece is a captivating bowl with fine drawings on pure white skin.

A similar example is listed in the “Vietnamese Ceramics: A Separate Tradition” catalogue. There are some minor glaze flakings, and the rim is partially aged. There are no other noticeable defects, and the condition is generally good.

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