Trần Dynasty Small Dish with Chrysanthemum Design in Iron Painting


A small plate of iron paintings baked in the Trần Dynasty in Vietnam. This piece was made before the production of blue and white began, and remained the stacking marks on the face is a feature of the old type. The composition of the design, a single chrysanthemum flower in the centre of the ring line was influenced by the Cizhou ware, but the flat shape with a slight depth is rather close to Goryeo porcelain and Buncheong ware. Since it is the early period of the underglaze painting, has cloudy transparent glaze makes the painting obscure, but on the contrary, it creates a taste.

There are no noticeable defects, although there are minor flaws that occured during the kiln process and small scratches on the surface. The number of iron paintings produced is less than that of blue and white, and since they were mainly exported to Southeast Asia, they were not brought to Japan.

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