Yuan Dynasty Jun Ware Plate

¥95,000 JPY

A Jun ware plate crafted during the Yuan dynasty. This flat, shallow plate features a thick, bluish opaque glaze, black in hue, with a wide foot and flowing glaze on the sides. During the Yuan dynasty, Jun ware was produced in kilns spread in present-day Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia. By the end of the Yuan period, production had also expanded to Jiangxi and Zhejiang. Similar sherds of this piece were discovered off the coast of Takashima, Nagasaki Prefecture, suggesting a possible influence on Karatsu ware Sea-cucumber glaze of Chosen-Karatsu. This masterpiece combines the robust and practical construction typical of Yuan Jun ware with the profound scenery of the glaze.

The plate features excellent Gintsugi restoration applied to a spot on the rim. Additionally, scratches on the surface and kiln damage around the base are present. It is accompanied by a box.

  • Repaired by

    Kintsugi Ryuin

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