Iwami Ware Small Dishs with Inban Style Cherry Blossum Design in Underglaze Iron, Set of 3


Iwami ware small dishes, a set of three, crafted in the Iwami region of western Shimane Prefecture during the Meiji period. The Inban (stamp) style underglaze iron decoration, rare in pottery but not in porcelain at this time, is featured on these plates, complemented by a glossy transparent glaze covering grey-brown clay. Each dish boasts a slight depth on the body with an upright rim, leaving four spur marks on the front face (one has no marks). The scarlet colour, resulting from kiln alteration overlapping with the design, evokes the serene scenery of cherry blossoms illuminated by moonlight.

Two of them have minor chips on the foot, while one has a minor chip on the rim.

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