Ming Dynasty Cizhou-type Ware White-Ground Black-Painted Teabowl


A Cizhou-type ware teabowl crafted in the Ming dynasty. This piece exemplifies the design of applying white slip to the upper part and black glaze to the lower part of the exterior, creating a striking contrast. The transparent glaze applied over the white slip is cloudy and adds the taste of the glaze drips both on the interior and exterior. While not a recent excavation, this teabowl is an old inherited piece, characterized by its alluring pale orange colour alteration. Unlike many bowls featured in the ‘E-Korai’ style during the Edo period in Japan, which were produced in Pengcheng, this one is thought to have originated from the Shanxi region, imparting a more rustic taste.

Despite its age, the teabowl exhibits only a few minor chips and glaze flakings, along with visible tea stains. The chip on the foot is from long ago and has become familiar. Ink writing can be discerned inside the foot. A drawstring pouch accompanies it and is housed in a box.

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