Oribe Ware Shino Oribe Style Mukozuke Dish


This Oribe ware mukozuke dish was crafted during the early Edo period in the Moto-yashiki kiln, renowned for producing many of Oribe’s masterpieces in the Momoyama period. This piece features a cylindrical shape with a constricted body adorned with ring lines drawn on the exterior. The slightly inward mouth and some unglazed parts suggest it may have been intended as an incense burner or pipe ashtray, although there are no signs of such use. Instead, it can be comfortably used as a Tsutsu-mukozuke (cylindrical dish) or a cup. This excellent example of the Shino-Oribe style Oribe exudes a stylish and modern impression with its clear lines.

It is in excellent condition with only a few stains, and it comes with a box.

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