Qing Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain Handled Cup with Tiger Hunting Man Design


A handled cup crafted in Jingdezhen during the Kangxi era (1662-1722) of the Qing dynasty. The intricate painting depicts a scene from Water Margin, one of the earliest Chinese novels written in vernacular Mandarin, featuring the motif of chasing the tiger out. Handled cups have a rich history in China, but these cups and mugs were produced for export to the West, likely intended for serving coffee or chocolate. Similar items have been recovered from a trading ship that sank off the coast of Ca Mau, Vietnam, while en route from Canton to Batavia. The delicate yet slightly angular handle provides a comfortable grip, an ideal cup for a practical item to brighten up everyday life.

While exhibiting minor kiln damages on both the inside and outside, along with two short hairlines on the lip, there is a dent on the lip that is covered by the glaze and does not affect the cup’s functionality.

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