Tamba Ware “Shiro-Tamba” White Slip Small Bottle


A small sake bottle crafted in Tamba at the end of the Edo period. The design is commonly referred to as a ‘makukake tokkuri’, as it resembles the Japanese ceremonial curtain. Its distinctive appearance owes to the layered transparent glaze over a white slip, a feature believed to have been designed for the hot sake bottle. Notably, this piece stands out with its elevated hip, showcasing an impressive sharp rise achieved by the potter’s wheel. The earthy ash glaze lends it a matte texture, imbuing it with a wabi-sabi taste, while the adhered marks and kiln scratches contribute to its rustic allure.

Having already served its purpose, the interior of the bottle retains a faint aroma of alcohol. This sake bottle remains in excellent condition with no discernible defects aside from inherent kiln damage.

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