Joseon Dynasty Hoeryeong Ware Celadon Glazed Plate


A plate crafted in Hoeryeong County, North Hamgyong Province during the early Joseon dynasty. The celadon glaze, similar to the Buncheong ware, covering except the base, leaving four spur marks on the frontface. The exact location of the ancient kiln site has been lost to time, as kilns in the area were frequently relocated and renovated, with the soil from dismantled kilns repurposed as fertilizer for the farm fields. Consequently, examples of Hoeryeong ware from the early Joseon period are exceptionally rare, with most surviving pieces dating from the late Joseon era.

Despite the passage of centuries, this plate remains remarkably well-preserved, with only a minor chip evident on the back side of the rim. Otherwise, it displays no significant flaws and retains its inherent beauty and integrity.

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