Ryukyu Kingdom Straw Ash Glaze Bottle with Splash Design

¥120,000 JPY

A bottle made in Wakuta or Tsuboya ware during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. Such bottles called ‘Tsuibin’ are offered in pairs on altars. This piece is adorned with a captivating combination of candy brown glaze splashes over a base of straw ash glaze. The technique of straw ash glaze, also known as sea cucumber glaze, was introduced from Kyushu in the mid-18th century, along with techniques such as inlay.

Noteworthy features of this piece include its sharply narrowing neck leading to the mouth, accentuated by the graceful flow of the candy glaze. A similar example excavated from an ancient grave on Hateruma Island underscores the rarity and historical significance of such designs, particularly those that remain intact bodies and necks.

While exhibiting minor restoration, likely executed through Gintsugi methods, the bottle remains remarkably well-preserved, with no other discernible flaws aside from a subtle aroma of alcohol. It comes with a box.

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